Let’s be unreasonable here

Let’s be unreasonable together. Belief is not logical. It does not follow any pattern or law except the ones God has set for it. His ways are beyond us. He does not ask us to reason our way to him. He asks us to believe. Take him at his word. Follow him. When others shout that you cannot do it or question “how” we respond. God. God will make our way.
Let’s be unreasonable together. The pharisees were reasonable. They knew the law, they knew what it said. They were so reasonable they missed Christ in front of them. Christ was not a reasonable Savior. He came as an ordinary man, from an ordinary family, in an ordinary town and was raised in an ordinary Jewish faith. How he died and fulfilled his promises to Israel was unreasonable. It was unexpected and flew in the face of what Israel thought “should have” happened.
Let’s be unreasonable together. Because reason has gotten us into tight corners of theology where we can hope, but only so much. Where God can work, but only so much. Where we can grow, but only so much. Where we can sin, but only in certain ways. We look at the would-be sinners and we say that our theology, our reason, makes them an abomination and the only way they can know God is to join our judgmental reason. Fall in line so God doesn’t leave you out. So your prayers will get answered. So you won’t burn in hell. So you will fit in. So God will love you.
Let’s be unreasonable together. Because God is good and we don’t have all the answers. We can only learn to hear his voice and grow in love for the people he died for (which is everyone). Leave the conviction to him. Leave the reasons and the answers to him. We follow. He leads. By faith, not sight or know-how. Let’s be unreasonable here.
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