Let’s be real together

Let’s be real here. There’s no need to make a perfect Instagram photo (it is unlikely you’ll find one on my feed). You’ll probably catch more than one editing mistake. You’ll probably find a  mistake in my theology. In my ideology. But that is normal. It is inescapable. Yet, we devour perfection. But hate people who are fake. We want the perfect workout to make a perfect butt to imitate a perfect celebrity. Have you ever noticed that celebrities are people too? The only difference is that they are handed to us through People Magazine. We are a world that doesn’t have the right to judge them when we have had an affair or a run in with the law, or, or, or. What have they done that we too do not face in ourself, in our family, in our own community? We rest with our magazines creating monsters to distract us from the abyss which is the human heart. Your heart. My heart. It is stressed, it is sad, it has dealt with tragedy, it has dealt with triumph. We feel it all… or struggle with our incapability of feeling. We’ve given ourselves 49 characters to express what cannot be explained. To write what you would not say face-to-face. Our middle fingers have been given more meaning than our cordiality. Let’s be real here. But also kind. To ourselves, each other, and whoever our enemy might be. We don’t need more monsters than the ones we want to kill inside of ourselves.

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