The Lord is Vast

The Lord is vast.
He is holding you in the center of his palm and he is laughing over you. He is laughing with joy over who he made you to be. He is bigger than your sin. He is bigger than your victories. He has bigger plans, bigger dreams, and bigger hopes for you and for me than our small minds, our small boxes, our smallness can ever hope or believe for. He wants to break our minds and our hearts to make more room for the good he has put before us.
To enlarge our hope and our faith from a mustard seed to an entire mountain range.
We have a platter before us, stretching farther than your arms wide, than your eyes can see to the edge of the horizon. A platter full of intricate beauty, of broken pieces made into a new thing, a new season, a new time.
The fractured image you see in the mirror is new. It has been put back together by the loving hands of your Father. He is delicate with you. He holds you like a new baby, holding your head steady, holding you close to his chest and he is singing a lullaby of peace and rest over you. He is bigger than any oppression. He is stronger than any pain.
The Lord is vast. You are in him and there is no end. Plumb the depths, run to the edge and find he is full and there is fullness for you. He is whole and complete.
The Lord is forever and ever. There is always more for you in him. 
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