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    We Must All Make Sacrifices (response to Blake Lively’s video on child porn)

    I wrote this after watching Blake Lively speak on child porn. Watch here.

    The world is dark.

    We suppress this knowledge with alcohol that tastes like coffee and binge watching Netflix. We are okay with watching shows like Criminal Minds or Law and Order for entertainment but we are not okay with acknowledging the reality of “special victims” in our own world, in our community, perhaps even in our midst. Our excuse is that we have a lot going on. We have our own stuff to deal with. Yes. Yes we do. But we are also not alone. You cannot receive healing in isolation, indeed, often healing comes in the form of interactions with others. Even if they do not know how they have helped you. Even if that relationship was hard. We cannot grow alone and we cannot be fulfilled without contributing to society.

    We should not be alone or voiceless in our pain. We should not allow others to be voiceless and alone in theirs.

    There is a darkness in this world. We don’t see it. Maybe we don’t even know it exists yet. But there are children being sold for sex. There are videos of infants being circulated for perverse arousal. They are being sacrificed on the altar of ignorance. They are kept hidden from those who would stand up to help them if they knew. Who would speak for them if they understood the depths of how that violation of human rights would affect these babies for the rest of their lives. That is, if they live long enough.

    There is a darkness present. Shrouding the helpless. The small beings that should be innocent. That should never live to learn about such violence, let alone survive BDSM and torture before they are old enough to read. Its not elsewhere. It’s here. Its rooted in the hell on earth so many suffer to know intimately.

    We cannot keep our altar lit.

    We must tear it down and become aware, watchful, and allow ourselves to feel the pain. It’s a fresh wound, pulsing in the wind around us. It’s throttling the people we pass without a second glance because they are somehow less than us. They are different and unapproachable. They are mentally ill and left without adequate care for their inner self. They are a waste of taxes… why can’t they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and take care of themselves?

    We are asking the wrong questions.

    Instead of “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Ask, “Why are good people not standing up against evil?” Instead of “Why is God absent?” Ask, “Why am I not doing the justice and good works God has called me to do?”

    We must all make sacrifices to survive, to get by, the father reasons as he sends his 9 year old daughter not to school but to what the Western world has rationalized as “sex work”.

    We make sacrifices when there are babies with their umbilical cords still attached being penetrated by grown men and showcased to thousands.

    Will we make the sacrifice of our conscience? Or we will sacrifice our ignorance, our safety, and our gifts for the voiceless?

    Yes, we must all make sacrifices.